I have tried Pilates in several states and never thought I would find a place as knowledgable, high end and clean as my home studio. Well, I finally have and couldn't be happier! Thank you, Monique!

~Barbara M.

After many years of neglecting my body, these amazing and caring instructors have given me back my pain free body to go out and enjoy my sports again! Having been a college athlete I always thought I could get back into it, but would constantly injure myself out there, since many decades have passed. These meticulous instructors pay attention to form and protect and strengthen our spines and bodies as a whole. I have been thrilled with my improvement and am even sleeping better without the nagging aches and pains. I have tried other Pilates studios on the mainland in my travels, but none even come close to the knowledge and care of the instructors at Fluid Motion Maui!

~Angie W.

Best Pilates and Barre studio I've been to! The instructors are friendly, helpful, professional, and very knowledgeable. I took several classes, and the Barre instructor training course at Fluid Motion Maui. Kelly was very educated on the subject and taught a course that you would not be able to get anywhere else! Monique (the owner) is very kind, and is able to answer any questions you have about Pilates, Barre, or fitness! The studio is clean, smells fresh, and is very comfortable. Would highly recommend Fluid Motion Maui to anyone!!!

~Chloe J.

Absolutely LOVE this Pilates studio! What a treasure! While on vacation I bought a package of 10 group sessions and each and every class was perfectly set up for where I was at. Each instructor was extremely thorough, helpful and gave incredible feedback.

I will without a doubt be back! Thank you Monique, Diane, Kelly and all of your instructors - you ladies are incredible at what you do!!!!

~Tisha H.

This is a wonderful, well run, clean, fun and caring Pilates studio. We purchased the 5 day pass while vacationing and went every day. Our instructors were friendly, sincere, and provided expert guidance. If you are a beginner or experienced this is an excellent studio to get your Pilates fix in. They have mat and full reformer classes. We'll be back when we return to Maui. Mahalo!

~Joe K.

The best Pilates Studio on Maui. The owner, Monique, and her instructors make the difference. Their knowledge base, professionalism and pristine studio ensures the best experiences. After each private session with Monique, I immediately feel a difference. Not only is she the most knowledgeable Pilates instructor I have ever taken instruction from, but has years and years of industry experience in other body techniques and couldn't recommend a better instructor for all body work. Monique understands immediately the areas in which are causing my issues and addresses them. I also highly recommend Kelly and can say she is one of the most qualified group instructors I have taken classes from. Even in a class setting, you feel as if you are getting 1:1 personalized instruction. As a triathlete, I only trust a couple professionals and Monique and her studio is one of them.

~Courtney M.

I went to Fluid Motion on a recent trip to Maui and had an amazing experience. First of all, the website experience sets the tone. It is super easy to navigate, find classes and schedule and book a class. You pay when you book and if you cancel within 24 hrs you will get a full refund.

The gym is super clean and loaded with equipment. They have 6 reformers and every accessory available to get the most from your Pilates or barre experience. I had the owner, Monique teach the classes I took and she is incredibly knowledgeable and adjusts clients when needed. I don’t do Pilates much at home so appreciated her instruction and descriptions when telling us what to do.

I will definitely be a repeat customer! Best Pilates class I’ve ever had. Thank you!

~Shelley G.

Phenomenal place! The owner, Monique, is one of the best instructors I've ever had. I would highly recommend Fluid Motion Maui to anyone at any level of experience. It is simply the BEST!

~Annie B.

Fluid Motion Maui has changed my life. I am a 55 year old woman......2 year Breast Cancer survivor. I began Training with Monique nearly three weeks post a double Mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. I have alway loved working out. Before my diagnosis I was Spinning 3 to 5 times a week and working out with a personal trainer lifting weights several times a week.

This Studio is the Absolute Best!!! Monique, the owner is my personal trainer. Her knowledge of the body and expertise in Pilates. I am so Grateful to have found her and all her wonderful trainers.
I truly believe without this Studio I would not have the movement and recovery that I enjoy today.
This is a happy supportive place for Men and Women of all ages seeking their Best health and Body.

I’m in it for Life......Literally🌺

~Tina C.

Fluid Motion Maui was such an amazing part of my 2 week life in Maui! Owner Monique Jutilla took the time to listen to my challenges and desires transforming them into a workout that I enjoyed more than I ever thought possible. I was a bit intimidated as I've never used a reformer but Monique made it so effortless yet effective. I never realized how proper use of my body with state of the art equipment could create such a difference now that I've been doing this work. Thank you Monique for your passion and expertise!

~Diana M.