CORE™ Athletic Conditioning Instructor Training Course

CORE™ Athletic Conditioning & Performance Training™ is a training program focusing on functional fitness, targeting core strength and kinesthetic awareness, which together can lead to improvements in total-body strength and power. This multi-layered system is designed for both novice and high-level athletes.

The CORE Foundational Principles followed in this training regime enhance performance by improving precision, control, strength, power and agility. Kick-start the metabolic system, optimize athletic performance, and train smarter with the combination of body control and power movements that transform regular training programs into high-intensity, results-driven workouts. The CORE system helps retrain unbalanced muscles, initiates the core, and builds strength from within that transfers on and off the playing field!

An Athletic Conditioning education method engineered for total-body power, strength and agility.

General course objectives:

  • Apply the Core Principles to a variety of exercises on the Mat.

  • Learn how simple exercises can be used in a fitness-based workout and understand how the movements can be used for sport-specific training.

  • Learn how to cue exercises to maintain safety and effectiveness.

  • Discover how to create programs that improve functionality and performance.

  • Learn how to add variety and challenge to traditional conditioning moves.

This course introduces important concepts of athletic conditioning and performance training and emphasis is placed on utilizing 11 Foundational Principles when training athletes. The principles cover alignment and biomechanics for the major joints involved in athletic performance as well as understanding how to train the three classifications of muscles for optimal performance. In addition, components of athletic conditioning are overviewed including resistance training methods, plyometric training, balance training, and speed & agility training. Performance training concepts such as periodization are also introduced.

Course will be held at Fluid Motion Maui in Kihei on July 21, 2018 from 10:00 to 6:00.

Cost is $375 (plus HI state tax) and includes all study materials.  Save $25 if you register before June 15, 2018!!



Monique Jutila