Curious About Pilates? Start With A Mat Class


With seemingly half the celebrities in Hollywood getting their pictures taken leaving Pilates classes, and perhaps your friends and neighbors reducing aches and pains and becoming fit with Pilates, you might be wondering about Pilates lessons for yourself. The good news is Pilates is for people of all ages and levels of fitness so you are on the right track.

A mat class is the simplest and cheapest way to learn Pilates. You have the benefit of a live instructor, unlike a DVD, and it is considerably less expensive than a private session. If you have never taken Pilates, here are a few things to help you through your first mat class.

  • Arrive to class a little early and introduce yourself to the teacher. Let the instructor know if you have any injuries or concerns. Then grab a mat, stake out a spot where you will be able to see the teacher, and get ready to have some fun.
  • Wear clothes that are tight enough that the instructor can see your body, but that you can still move in. Leggings and a fitted cotton tank are a great options. Also, classes are sans shoes, but you can wear socks if having bare feet freaks you out.
  • The classes are generally 55 minutes to an hour, and you don't need to bring a mat. We will provide those. Pilates mats are generally thicker than yoga mats since some Pilates moves involve rolling on your spine.
  • We use some fun props during the class. Don't be surprised if you start out on a foam roller, or squeeze a magic circle or small ball with your inner thighs.
  • You'll learn all of the fundamental Pilates movement techniques in Pilates mat classes. Neutral spine, a properly engaged core, c-curve, shoulder and pelvic stability, spinal articulation, full breathing, working with oppositional energy - all are integral to Pilates mat work. Learning these basics on the mat where there are fewer things to keep up with makes it that much easier to use them on the equipment.

If you are interested in learning about any of our Fluid Motion Maui Mat Pilates classes, which range from the fundamentals all the way to advanced, VIEW OUR SCHEDULE or contact us for more information.